Lit2Go: Free non-graded audiobooks

Learlit2goning a foreign language (FL) with audiobooks is an effective way of getting used to the way words are actually pronounced; and in the hands of teachers fully commited to their students, these resources can be capitalized on to devise even more creative ways to address the four skills in their practice. Lit2Go is a fabulous website that hosts a huge collection of audiobooks of non-graded classic works.

You can search books by author, genre or name. Even better. With the Readability tool you’ll find works classified by level of difficulty, beginning at level K (kindergarten), all the way to level 12 (highschool).

Here are some examples of K-Level readings:

A Was An Apple Pie

Coffee And Tea

This Little Mouse

And some examples of K-12 readings:

The Flamingo Feather

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

The Prince

And as if this wasn’t enough, the creators and contributors to the site include activities suggested for students which can be downloaded along with the texts in PDF and the audios in MP3. Do take a look!


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