RedELERedELE is an online publication by the Red Electrónica de Didáctica del Español como Lengua Extranjera. It’s a service provided by the Ministry of Education of Spain and its main goal is to disseminate language teaching research, experiences and approaches to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Whereas the focus of the site is teaching Spanish as a foreign language, there are articles, experiences, and suggestions that can enrich the professional practice of practically any language teacher, for there are several universal principles when it comes to language teaching, and they can be adapted to suit the needs of every teacher of any language.

Whether you are a perfectionist always looking for new and creative ways to teach language, or you are involved in projects that require that you do research, the RedELE magazine may prove to be a huge asset.

Visit the RedELE magazine here.

Here are some articles we found interesting for our line of work:

Diseños de aprendizaje y espacios de interacción en la enseñanza de ELE

La explotación del cortometraje en la clase de español LE: Un perro andaluz (1929), Belarra(2002) y Ana y Manuel (2004)


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