AMERICANENGLISHAmerican English site is yet another robust source of useful information, materials and ideas to improve or strengthen our practice.

The site is home to the quarterly journal English Teaching Forum, which in itself is reason enough to pay a visit. Here are some of the articles that caught our eye and might be useful for us ENP English teachers.

Teaching Techniques: Physical Vocabulary in the Beginner-Level Classroom

Observation Tools for Professional Development

A Ten-Step Process for Developing Teaching Units

Beyond the Gap Fill: Dynamic Song Activities for Song in the EFL Classroom

There is also the Resources section where not only do you get to know what other teachers are doing to teach difficult grammar or the four skills, but you will also find very well thought activities and materials ready for you to download and use. Take this Color Vowel Chart for example, which is an interesting way to teach all the vowel sounds of the standard American English accent.


Finally, you also get access to past webinars on ELT, which you can download in PDF version, too.  Have a look at this one on teaching with Jazz Chants.


What about paying a visit to American English and seeing what works for you? It’ll sure prove to be time well-spent.



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