ENGLISH V: Unit 3 – Get Dressed for Success

These are links to webpages with explanations and exercises related to the syllabus of English V Unit 3.

Click on each topic to go to the websites.

Lesson Plan: Difference Between Adjectives and DeterminersBright Hub Education


Determiner – Explanation and ExamplesParts of Speech

DeterminersPearson Education (Downloadable PDF)

Likes and DislikesLearn English Kids

Likes, Dislikes and InvitationsLearn English Online

Talking About Likes and Dislikes (Video)Youtube

LikesBBC Learn English

DislikesBBC Learn English

How to Make Suggestions in English (Video) Youtube

Advice and SuggestionsCambridge Grammar Beyond

Giving AdviceBritish Council

The Flatmates / Giving AdviceBBC Learning English

Should and Shouldn’t Grammar Reference and Practice ExercisesEclectic English

Healthy Living – Should / Shouldn’tSolutions / Elementary

ShouldEnglish Page

Second ConditionalEnglish Is a Piece of Cake

How to Teach the Second ConditionalTeaching ESL Online

Fun Activities for the Second ConditionalTEFL.NET


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