This is a selection of websites with reading texts related to Area 4 of the English Program.

Click on each topic to go to the websites.

World History and CulturesLibrary of Congress

Journal of History and Cultures

African Journal of History and CultureAcademic Journals

Culture of Mexico Countries and their Cultures

Cultural History Making history

Culture & History Digital Journal

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy PagesGarth Kemerling

Philosophy Eserver

The Mexican RevolutionHistory Today

Mexican Revolution History

Mexican RevoluitonHistory Detectives

20th century Mexican Philosophy

Philosophers from MexicoTrivia Game

Antonio Caso Explorando México

Latin LanguageOmniglot

History of the Latin Language

Latin Overview Orbis Latinus

Greek Omniglot

GreekAbout World Languages

Ancient GreekCristalinks

AestheticsInternet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Contemporary Aesthetics Journal

British Journal of AestheticsOxford Journals

What is the History of Art?History Today

Art HistoryThe Best of History Web Sites

Art history basicsKhan Academy


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