ENGLISH IV: Unit 5 – Current Events and Shopping

These are links to webpages with explanations and exercises related to the syllabus of English IV Unit 5.

Click on each topic to go to the websites.

Present Progressive – Explanation and Exercises – English Grammar Online

English Grammar in Use: Present Continuous (Video) – Youtube

Grammar Challenge – Present Continuous –  BBC Learning English (Downloadable PDF)

ESL Shopping for Clothes  (Video)Youtube

Exercise on Simple Present –  Present Progressive – Shopping TalkEnglish Grammar Online

Shopping for clothes – Vocabulary ActivityHands-On English (Downloadable PDF)

Shopping – Several ActivitiesCambridge – Touchstone / Level 1 / Unit 8 (Can be used for other topics)

Grocery Shopping / QuatifiersSticky Ball

Grocery Shopping / Vocabulary, Grammar and Practice – ISS of BC

Countable and Uncountable NounsBritish Council

Countable and Uncountable / QuantifiersEngVid

This, That, These and ThoseBritish Council

This, That, These and Those (Video)Youtube

Shapes, Colors, Sizes ESL Vocabulary GameESL Games Plus

Order of adjectivesBritish Council

Adjective Word Order Learn English


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