ENGLISH IV: Unit 4 – My Place and Spaces; Going Around

These are links to webpages with explanations and exercises related to the syllabus of English IV Unit 4.

Click on each topic to go to the websites.

There is / There are – British Council

There is or there are? – Ensglish-Zone.Com

There is / There areStudy Zone

Is there / Are there – Englisch-Hilfen

There is / There areAgenda Web (Downloadable PDF)

There is / There are – Affirnative, Negative, Questions (With notes in Spanish)OM Personal

Prepositions of place: in, on, at – English Club

Prepositions of placeWoodward English

Prepositions of placeMy English Pages

Places in a city – Vocabulary gamesWoodward English

Common shops and places in townAgenda Web

Places in a townBritish Council

Transport VocabularyLearn English

Means of transport – ExerciseEnglisch-Hilfen

Transportation Vocabulary ESL Interactive Board GameESL Games Plus

Giving directionsBBC Learning English

Asking for and giving directions (Video)Real English

How to give directions English Club


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