ENGLISH IV: Unit 3 – Everyday activities, preferences, and abilities

These are links to webpages with explanations and exercises related to the syllabus of English IV Unit 3.

Click on each topic to go to the websites.

Telling the time worksheets – Busy Teacher

Telling the time, present simple (English File)

Telling time in EnglishEngames

Telling the time using a 24-hour clockESOL Courses

Telling time – Clocks and Watches – ESL Lab

Grammar – The Present Simple – ESL Lounge

Present simple: affirmative, negative, questionsLanguage Worksheets

Test on Simple Present 1English Grammar Online

Present simple tense for elementary students – Engames

Simple present – explanation – Englisch-hilfen

Present simple PDF worksheetsESL Flow

Adverbs of frequency exercise – Solutions Elementary

Adverbs of frequency Teach Ya!

Adverbs of frequency – resourcesTeach This

Practice simple present and adverbs of frequency – CEA Virtual (PDF with notes in Spanish)

Adverbs of frequency exercise AutoEnglish

Adverbs of frequency – interactive game – British Council

Likes and dislikes – Resources – Teach This

Likes and dislikesTeacht ELT

Expressing likes and dislikesSolutions Elementary

Talking about likes and dislikesMy English Pages

Can and can’t – Explanation – Woodward English

English Exercises: Can / Can’t – English-Exercises.org

Can – Can’t – Explanations and examples (with notes in Spanish) – OM Personal


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